Water Damage Restoration Rogue River, OR

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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration in Rogue River is crucial because there is no greater enemy to a home than hidden water and residual moisture. A broken pipe, leaky appliance, or storm-damaged roof results in moisture that seeps in, builds up, and yet is unseen or unnoticed by homeowners. Hidden moisture becomes trapped, damaging carpets, floors, and tile, and can lead to the dangerous growth and spread of mold and mildew.

Don’t let a simple leak threaten your family’s health

The Swept Away water damage restoration process begins with an audit where we use special tools to find hidden moisture and trace the path of water. Next, we determine the best course of action to restore your house to dry conditions as fast as possible. Our process removes excess moisture, protecting the health of your household.

Water Damage Cleanup
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5 Star Service

4-Step Fast-Track Restoration

As a premier restoration company, our mission is to swiftly restore your home to a dry and healthy state, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family. Our process is straightforward and efficient, comprising four essential steps:

Get In: Our expert team promptly arrives at your property, ready to tackle the challenge head-on. We understand the urgency of your situation and are prepared to act quickly.

Survey the Damage: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the damage, employing our expertise to identify all affected areas. This crucial step ensures no issue is overlooked, laying the groundwork for an effective restoration plan.

Fix the Problem: With a clear understanding of the extent of the damage, we move forward with targeted solutions. Our skilled technicians utilize the latest techniques and equipment to address the root cause of the problem, preventing further issues.

Restore the Home: Our ultimate goal is to restore your home to its pre-damage condition—clean, dry, and safe. We work diligently to ensure the restoration is completed quickly, minimizing disruption to your daily life and getting you back to normal as soon as possible.

Trust us to be your partner in turning back the clock on damage, restoring not just your home, but your comfort and security as well.

5 Star Service

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Swept Away Restoration

Reason 1:  Because we come running.

We are at your home as quick as possible, often in 1 hour or less. Rest assured once we get your call we are mobilizing to get to your home just as soon as we can!

Reason 2:  Because we answer the phone live.

Reach us 24/7 with our dedicated emergency line. No wasting time talking to an answering service. If we happen to miss your call, we return calls just as soon as we can, usually within minutes.

Reason 3:  Because we work with your insurance company, not for your insurance company.

We send our invoice and claim reports directly to your insurance company and keep you informed every step of the journey. Every communication made with your insurance company, you are copied on. Even though we work with your insurance company, we work for you!

Reason 4:  The most thorough structural drying you can get with healthy products.

We use state of the art equipment and the most naturally derived cleaning products out there. As a matter of fact, the antimicrobial we use is 99.9 % effective in killing mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses on contact. It is derived from plants and safe for people and pets.

Reason 5:  We don't cut corners. We dry and disinfect them.

We take the time to care for your home like it is our own. We don't call the job done until we are certain we completely dried your structure (the structure of your home).

Reason 6:  We stop mold in its' tracks.

We are at your home as quick as possible, often in 1 hour or less. Rest assured once we get your call we are mobilizing to get to your home just as soon as we can!

Reason 7:  Certified Master Cleaner.

We are a certified master cleaner and structural dryer with the IICRC with over 25 years of experience. We work with only highly trained, certified technicians with a vast knowledge of construction. Together we are a great team and you are in exceptionally qualified hands.

Reason 8:  We stand behind our work.

When we are done, your home is healthy and dry. If we notice anything that could lead to potential health problems, we inform you as to what we found and what we recommend. Your health is reflected in the condition of your home and we know that there is nothing more important than your health.

5 Star Service

A Dry Home Is The Key To A Healthy Home

Hiring the water damage cleanup professionals at Swept Away Restoration ensures a home free of hidden mold, which is a significant benefit for homeowners. We stand behind our workmanship with a full 5-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind. Our commitment to your family's safety is paramount, which is why we use naturally derived products to eliminate mold effectively. These products are not only effective but also safe for both your family and pets. With your health as our top priority, you can rest easy knowing that your living environment is in expert hands.

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Our Guidelines

By following these guidelines and choosing Swept Away, you're not just restoring your property, you're securing peace of mind. Call us today.

Ensure Your Damage Claim Won't Be Denied

Immediate Documentation: As soon as you notice damage, take clear photographs and video's for evidence.

Look for your policy: Look up your insurance company, deductible and policy. If you have a current copy of your insurance policy, we suggest reading through your obligations as a homeowner. Most policies state that you must mitigate damages as soon as possible. That is said to protect themselves from the high cost of mold remediation.

Contact a professional water restoration company immediately: look for a company with great reviews and one that can get started right away as time is of the essence. Look to hire a company that is independent of your insurance company to make sure they work for you and you alone. Companies that are preferred and sent by insurance companies really work for the insurance company and follow their guidelines not the industry standards. Also, companies that are really construction companies first and restoration companies second are always going to do as much demo as they can justify. A professional restoration company will always use advanced knowledge and equipment to dry in place as much as is possible thereby reducing the amount of demolition, and the time and cost for rebuilding.

Keep detailed records. Follow up every conversation with your insurance adjuster with an email stating what was discussed and any verbal agreements made on that call. Note the date and time, and keep all correspondence in an easy to find location.

When it is time to put your home back together, after the structure has been thoroughly dried, your insurance adjuster will agree in advance to the rebuild cost. You can submit the rebuild estimate you have received from your contractor and then you should have the go ahead to proceed from insurance.

Steps to Take When You Realize You Need Restoration Help

Safety First: make sure your home is safe for you and your family. Turn off electrical to water damaged parts of your home or at the least unplug electrical cords from the outlets.

Stop further damage: turn off water either at the sink or at the main. Stop further damage from occurring by stopping the flow of water.

Call professionals: A water restoration company, like Swept Away, to properly access damages and plan how to dry out your home and a plumber to fix the plumbing issue.

Notify insurance after you meet with the restoration company and are sure it will cost more than your deductible.

Document: every call you make to your insurance, what was discussed and the conclusion arrived at. Send that into your adjuster each and every time to create a paper trail.

Why Trust Us?

Certified Experts: Our team is professionally trained and certified.

Quick Response: We're available 24/7 and guarantee a quick response time.

Transparent Pricing: after looking at the job and before we begin demo work, we provide you with a work scope estimate. This details what we will do, equipment to be used and the cost range. Things change as we go along and we may have to update the work scope estimate if we find more damage or complications.

Collaborate with All Insurance and Direct Billing: Swept Away Damage Restoration has successfully worked with insurance providers. As a courtesy to our client, we send the invoice and claim directly to your insurance company. We keep detailed records as required by your insurance provider. Our pricing is disclosed in our contract for your understanding of charges incurred.

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